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CirCle Hamesha Together


CirCle Club Mein Milein Rates Sub Sy Amazing


Sab Say TYTE Way To Stay

Hamesha Together!



hamesha together

So I Guess the most important question is…

Circle kya hai?

Magar is se pehlay an even more important question is..

What is Friendship?

And that’s what we thought long and hard about..
what on eaerth is friendship and what does it mean to guys and girls like us.. the ‘youth’.. the jawan .. the 53% We spoke to the youth asking them what they felt represented freindship better than anything else in the world today. Friendship kis se chalti hai?? Over and over again we heard the sam thing .. friendship is communication, baat cheet, hansna hasana, rona dhona, it’s all about talking to one another, living life together.. hamesha together.

That’s what circle is they’re always with you. It’s a mobile service, but circle isn’t just any mobile service. It’s a mobile service that has been designed just for you, keeping you needs, hopes and dreams in mind. It gives you the AFFORDABLE RATES IN THE COUNTRY ( ye cheeeeez!) Fast internet, virtually free sms and calls- so that whenever need a friend – they are with you.

CirCle Club



Circle sim khareed kar acticate karo ya apni ZONG sim *456# mila kar Circle Club Mein Aao Jahan Rs. 0.90 + tax Mein karo pora ghanta baat


Apnay saaray circle club doston say

CirCle Club daily Charges Rs. 2 + tax



Circle Club Main Saray Friends ko Lao Aor jo jo *456# Milaey ga, Aapus Main Circl Club kay TYTE rates Enjoy karay ga..


Friends CirCle Club Main Hain ya Nahain SMS Their Mobile Number to 4567..

To Check for free

CirCle Tariff

So You Wanna Know The Basics HUH?


CirCle Gives You The Cheapest On Net And OFF Net Rates Possible!

  • On Net 0.9 + Tax/30 Second
  • Off Net 0.9 + Tax/30 Second
  • Internet: 12 Rs/MB
  • SMS; 50 Paisa + Tax

We Have A Fantastic FNF Offer TOO!


  • Full Customable! Which means you can even set 5 off net FNF as well!
  • And on top of that – Our FNF Rates are the cheapest in the industry (YE CHEEEEEEZ!!)
  • FNF on net Rates: 0.9 + tax/ Hour
  • ¬†FNF off net Rates: 0.9 + tax/ Hour

For FNF, Number Addition & Number Modification Charges Rs. 5 + Tax

CirCle Bundles

CHEETAH Internet Bundle


Full Time Internet Chhiye?

4 MB Mobile internet Rs. 3.99

Full Gup Voice Bundle


Baat Karnae Ka Bohat Shoq Hai?

  • 75 Min On-Net
  • 50 SMS
  • 100 MMS
  • Rs. 5 + Tax

Thaka – Thak SMS Bundle


SMS Addict Ho?

  • 500 SMS
  • Rs. 2.5 + Tax

CirCle VAS


Would you like some sides with that circle? In the circle, hum kehtay hai ke life’s just like a big buffet with many options. That’s what circle sides are, they’re value added services that super charges your circle sim so zindagi hojaye excellent!!

CirCle Dail Tunes

Life ko banao film, jab dost call karay to make sure they don’t just hear tooon toooon… vo koi fit song sunay, 1.5 rupay + tax main activate karo circle dailtunes.. abhi Dail karo 230 @ Rs. 1 + tax/min

CirCle Musicall

Musicall kya hai? Dekh.. dost sy baat karni hai na? imagine kar ke peechay tera favorite song play ho ra hai.. cool right? Buss abhi 5500 Dail karo aur apni conversations mein music add karo.
Subscription charges bohat he kam hein sirf 0.5 + tax/day. Rs. 2 + tax/sms

CirCle Manchester United Service

Man united ka deewana hai kya? Oh man.. you’re gonna love this one. Saaray matches ke update, schedule.. cool stuff like videos, wallpapers and official ringtones.. EXCLUSIVELY yours with this service.. SMS sub to 5550 aur ghar bethe Old Trafford jaisa experience haasil karo

CirCle Directory

Offers ya discount dhoondra ha hai? Dekh.. sms hangout city name to 5005 aur saaray awesome offers ka pata karo. Jo bhi tyte offer available ho .. to instant alert phone pe.. subscribe for 10 bucks + tax / Month Rs. 2 + tax / search for the search service

CirCle Comedy Portal

If you want to listen to some rally funny jokes, wo bhi Pakistan ke top comedians ke .. to circle comedy portal join karro.. Dail 4242 aur jokes milengay dhar a dhar Rs. 5 + tax/week

CirCle Mobile Music Channel

Dost.. circle mobile music channel se banao apna personal radio..24/7 sun favorite tracksm download the music you want, playlist banao aur humaray funky RJ se raho khush.. for all this awesomeness sirf Rs. 0.20 + tax / min and Rs. 1 + tax / daily

CirCle Student Portal

Dude.. exam may kabhi help chayethi? kuch advice ke kaisa prep karna hai..? circle student portal is just that.. ye banna hi hai students ke liye and gives you exam tips, tells you about exam dates and sechedules aur bohaut sara kuch jo tumhari school ya college stress ko duur karay.. sirf Rs. 1 + tax / day ke liye .. zero to hero banjayega !! sms sub ko 880 right now

CirCle Jobs Alert

Naukri ki stress? Circle job alerts is stress ko bilkul vanish karta hai.. check karr.. jo bhi available jobs hai.. local aur global.. tujhe instant notify kardiya jayegaa.. aur sirf acha suit pehen kar interview dena paray ga.. cool huh? SMS sub to 4040 Rs. 1 + tax / din ke liye zindagi set karr boss. SMS charges 50 paisa + tax/sms

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